Single-sided treatment of PTFE plates and manufacturer selection requirements

- Jan 25, 2019-

A PTFE plate is a plate made of PTFE or Teflon. Moreover, it is a specific type of plate, or a common and common type in the plate, because this plate is from now on. Seeing that it is widely used, it will have this conclusion. The following is the study and understanding of the PTFE board, so that through the in-depth understanding to achieve the rational use and full use of the product.


1. Is the choice of PTFE board manufacturers important? Are there specific requirements?

The manufacturer of PTFE board, this is a specific aspect that must be considered when purchasing PTFE board products. Therefore, it is an important aspect of PTFE board, and then it can be concluded that the choice of PTFE board manufacturers It is very important, and needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the correct purchase and normal use of the product. In the specific selection requirements, it is necessary to choose a professional and regular manufacturer to ensure the product quality and product performance, and then, to make the product have a good use effect.


2. One-sided treatment of PTFE plates

The single-side treatment of the PTFE plate specifically refers to the one-side activation treatment of the PTFE plate to etch a plurality of micropores on the surface thereof, and then it can be bonded by using a special epoxy glue. Under normal circumstances, it will have a certain peel strength for 24 to 48 hours at room temperature. In the specific operation, the use of a PTFE surface treatment agent is achieved, and this treatment agent can have a good use effect.


3. What color should the PTFE plate be? Which place is it suitable for use?

The color of the PTFE plate should be the color of the resin, and the application of this plate is for the rough or wear-resistant and fragile glass surface flange, the temperature is alternating in the sealing occasion, because it It can be easily installed and disassembled, and has good low temperature resistance. Under the condition of small preload, even if the pressure changes, it can withstand large internal pressure. Therefore, according to the characteristics of PTFE plate, The above conclusions are reached.


4. Is the PTFE board raw material belt a PTFE board?

The PTFE plate raw material belt, from a professional point of view, refers to the material to be sealed from the outside world to prevent oxidation caused by air incorporation, and at the same time, it can prevent problems from moisture penetration. Therefore, from its definition, it is very different from the PTFE plate, so the two cannot be