The development of steel lined PTFE pipe

- Mar 13, 2021-

The independent innovation of the production process of steel-lined PTFE tube has greatly improved the shortcomings of the previous processing technology and reduced the cost. It is not difficult to see that the steel-lined PTFE tube has become the propeller of China’s social and economic progress, and it has been established among many companies and manufacturers A highway bridge was built, the national environmental protection policy of the government department was implemented, and the development of China's economy was promoted. As part of China's economic development, the development of the power, energy and petrochemical industries stems from the need for highly corrosion-resistant pipelines for material transportation in this manufacturing industry. The application of steel-lined PTFE pipe is not only convenient and quick, but also solves the problems of corrosion and wear and can realize its own value. In addition, the steel-lined PTFE tube has low chemical activity and can resist various chemical substances, playing an important role in the chemical industry, medicine and other fields.