The difference between Bauer ring and Lasi ring

- Jun 17, 2020-

1. The main difference between it and Raschig ring packing is that the side wall has a rectangular window hole, the window leaf of the window hole is bent into the ring center, because the ring wall opening makes the distribution of gas and liquid more than the Raschig ring. The big improvement, especially the inner surface area of ??the ring can be fully utilized.

2. Compared with the Raschig ring, this kind of packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance, and high operating flexibility. Under normal circumstances, the Raschig ring can be treated by 50%-100% when the same pressure drop is processed, and the pressure drop when treated the same It is 50%-70% smaller than the Lasi ring, and the tower height also has a pressure reduction. The use of the Bower ring can be about 20%-40% of the packing volume than the Lasi ring.

3. Compared with the Lasi ring, the gas flux of the Bauer ring can be increased by more than 50%, and the mass transfer efficiency is increased by about 30%.

Bauer ring is a widely used packing, suitable for carbon dioxide degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower, etc. as contact packing and other reaction towers.