The difference between PTFE pipe and polyethylene pipe

- May 29, 2020-

The long-term heat-resistant temperature of the PTFE tube can reach 280 degrees Celsius, and it can withstand a high temperature of 320 degrees Celsius in an instant. When the heat resistance temperature of the polyethylene pipe is 150 degrees Celsius, it has already deformed.

Secondly, the performance of erosion resistance, PTFE tube also has a significant advantage. No matter whether it is acid, alkali, reducing agent or oxidant, it can't help but polyethylene pipes will be attacked and softened by acid with oxidizing properties.

Third, the flame retardancy of PTFE tube is high, it will be ignited only when the oxygen content can reach 95%. There is no way to achieve this kind of environment in general, so under normal circumstances it will not burn, and will be extinguished from the fire. The polyethylene pipe will be idle and will ignite spontaneously.

Of course, PTFE tube has so many advantages, and it is destined to be more expensive than polyethylene tube.