The difference between Raschig ring packing and Pall ring packing

- Jun 27, 2019-

Raschig ring packing can be used in drying towers, absorption towers, washing towers, regeneration towers, etc. in chemical, metallurgical, gas and oxygen industries. The Raschig ring is an earlier annular packing with a fixed geometry in the history of the tower packing. The Raschig ring is characterized by the outer diameter and height of the packing ring. The structure is simple and the price is low, but there are phenomena such as uneven liquid distribution and serious wall flow and ditch.


The Pall ring is a kind of filler. It is a new type of structured packing. The shape structure is divided into: the inner rib is rice type and the inner rib is well-shaped, made of plastic. Each layer of the Pall ring has five tongues, each of which is bent inwardly to the center of the ring. In the ring, the heart is almost butted, and the area of the opening is usually about 30% of the total area of the ring. Because the opening communicates the outer surface space of the inner ring of the ring, the liquid and gas can be evenly distributed.


The main difference between the Pall ring and the Lacy ring is that the Pall ring has a rectangular window opening on the side wall, while the Rasch ring does not. Because the Pall ring is improved on the basis of the Lacy ring, the performance of the Pall ring is generally more perfect than the Lacy ring. If the resistance is reduced, the pressure is reduced, the gas velocity can be increased, and the gas and liquid distribution is uniform. It can be seen that the Bower ring has improved a lot in resistance, mass transfer power and flux than the Lacy ring.