The market for PTFE Lining Globe Valve J41F46

- Dec 28, 2020-

The rapid development of my country's coal mine, metallurgy, energy, municipal, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction and other industries has promoted the revolution of continuous improvement of the production process of steel-lined PTFE pipelines, making it play an increasingly important role in production and life. It has important and broad development prospects.

Steel-lined PTFE pipelines, PTFE-lined, PTFE-lined, PTFE-lined anti-corrosion, steel-lined PTFE are important equipment for the normal and effective operation of a chemical anti-corrosion enterprise, and even affect the spiritual outlook of a country and the "blood" of the country. Important pillars. The application of steel-lined PTFE pipelines not only includes the synthesis of high corrosion-resistant materials, the development of new and efficient additives, but also the application of advanced construction tools, construction and maintenance technology, on-site inspection technology, etc. With the introduction of the world's energy conservation and environmental protection policy, the steel-lined PTFE pipeline market has also begun to develop in the direction of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution and sustainable development.