The quality of PTFE Rasching ring should meet the conditions and specifications

- Dec 07, 2018-

The Raschig ring, which can be said to be a filler, is a PTFE Rasching ring, and is a common and common type of Raschig ring. The following is a description of the relevant knowledge of the product, so that it can be mastered and applied in a timely manner, and then flexibly applied to the actual work.


1. Is the price of PTFE Rasching ring important? How to think about it?

The price of PTFE Rasching ring can be said to be an important aspect, and it is an aspect that must be considered when purchasing this product, because it is necessary to determine the appropriate price range before selecting the right product. In the consideration of the price of PTFE Rasching ring products, it is necessary to take into account the three specific aspects of real-time quotation, price quotation and wholesale price of products, in order to make an accurate judgment.


2. What is the good quality PTFE Rasching ring?

PTFE Rasching ring, the quality of its products is related to the standard, or it is necessary to meet some conditions before it can be regarded as a good quality product. The quality of the product should meet the conditions, which is specifically: the production and manufacture of PTFE materials with good performance and quality should be used to make the products have good performance and use effects. The PTFE Rasching ring can be used safely and reliably, and is not prone to defects during use. In the life of the product, it should have a long service life and is not easily damaged.


3. What are the parameters on the specifications of PTFE Rasching ring? In which industries does it have more use?

The PTFE Rasching ring, a Raschig ring, has three dimensions of nominal outer diameter, wall thickness and height. Moreover, these three are important parameters, which are indispensable, they are in millimeters in units. There are many industries in which PTFE Rasching ring has been used. From the current point of view, it is for the chemical, fertilizer, caustic soda, petrochemical, electric power and pharmaceutical industries. The product has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Type and opening type.


4. Which specific surface area is larger than the PTFE Rasching ring and the tetrafluoropal ring of the same specification?

On the PTFE Rasching ring, it is necessary to know that different shapes have different specific surface areas, and comparing the tPTFE Rasching ring and the tetrafluoropal ring of the same specification, it can be concluded that the specific surface area is The upper is a tetrafluoropalate ring larger than the PTFE Rasching ring. In addition, it is necessary that the shape of the Raschig ring is a hollow cylinder whose height and diameter can be equal, and the wall thickness is determined by the