The role and application range of graphite Pall ring packing

- Jun 29, 2019-

Pall ring packing: Pall ring packing has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and large operation flexibility. Under the same reduced pressure, the processing capacity can be more than 50% larger than the L-Rasi ring. At the same yield, the pressure drop can be reduced by half and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the Raschig ring, the graphite Raschig ring has the characteristics of large production capacity, large resistance and large operational flexibility. Under normal conditions, the treatment can be 50%-100% larger than the Raschig ring and the pressure drop ratio is similar.


Scope of application: It is suitable for contact gas packing such as carbon dioxide degassing tower, Laxi ring ozone contact reaction tower and other reaction