The role of graphite Raschig rings

- Sep 21, 2019-

Graphite Raschig ring is a kind of graphite material with round and equal diameter high temperature resistant, hydrofluoric acid resistant and strong acid and alkali chemical filler. It can use hydrofluoric acid with a temperature up to 200 °C and can withstand 48% or less. It has good corrosion resistance to nitric acid, sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide strong acid and alkaline substances, most organic salts and solvents. Its performance indicators (especially strength and hardness) have been tested to be superior to similar imported products.

The graphite Raschig ring has low pressure drop, large flux, uniform liquid distribution, high mass transfer efficiency, absorption of various exhaust gases or use for gas washing and separation. It replaces a large amount of ferrous metals and a variety of non-ferrous metals and is a non-metallic material with excellent corrosion resistance.