The role of Pall ring packing in air cooling system

- Jun 22, 2019-

The air precooling system used in chemical production generally consists of an air cooling tower, a water cooling tower, a chiller and a water pump. It is disposed between the air compressor and the molecular sieve adsorber to reduce the air temperature of the molecular sieve adsorber and Water content. At present, air-cooled towers and water-cooled towers generally use PP polypropylene Pall ring packing towers, and some use a small amount of stainless steel Pall ring packing at the bottom of the air cooling tower.

The air cooling tower and the water cooling tower in the chemical production use the Pall ring as the packing and adopt the free stacking method. During mass transfer and heat transfer, the liquid flows down uniformly from the top of the tower and flows along the packing. The gas comes into contact with the liquid film as it rises through the packing, and heat and mass exchange occurs.


The Pall ring packing has been proven in air precooling systems to achieve better results after using the Pall ring packing tower:


First of all: mass transfer heat transfer ability. The temperature difference between the air temperature of the cold tower and the cold water of the upper tower can be less than 1 °C, and the negative temperature difference between the water outlet temperature of the water cooling tower and the sewage nitrogen temperature of the tower can be 4~5 °C; 95%, so it is not easy to block, it is not easy to be selected as a foaming entrainment, which is conducive to variable working conditions. After the air volume is increased, it is not easy to bring water;


Secondly: the specific gravity is low, the pressure drop is small, the resistance per meter of packing is about 10 mm water column; the water consumption of the air cooling tower can be reduced by 30%;


In addition: it can reduce the cooling capacity of the chiller. In winter, it can be turned off, and the cooling capacity in summer can be reduced by 80%. It is possible to realize the air pre-cooling system without chiller. Special reminder: Polypropylene is a flammable substance, its use temperature is between 10~120 °C, below 0 °C. Embryding occurs below. Its structure is more chemically stable, resistant to most acids, salts and many organic solutions, but not to high concentrations of strong acids.


Stainless steel Pall ring packing is required in high temperature production environments. Ceramic Pall ring packing is required in a strong acid environment. Ceramic bulk packing is acid resistant, alkali resistant and high temperature