The role of the Pall ring packing in the exhaust system

- Jul 04, 2019-

The main difference between the Pall ring packing and the Rasig ring packing is that there is a rectangular opening in the wall of the window, and the leaves of the window become a ring. The opening of the ring wall allows the distribution characteristics of gas and liquid to be very much better than that of the Rasig ring. Great improvements, especially on the inner ring surface. Due to the large amount of dust and organic waste gas in the production line spraying process, if it is not processed, it will directly affect the health and environment of employees. In order to promote energy saving and clean environment. The company has invested a lot of manpower and resources in the field of environmental protection, added environmental protection facilities, and absorbed the traditional methods. The basic principle is to use a mixture of liquid processing gases, in different liquids, gas mixtures of different solubility in the same group. Gas-liquid contact process,


In the large component, one or several gas solubilityes enter the liquid phase, and after the relative concentration of the gas phase component is changed, the resulting mixed gas is separated and purified, and this process is called absorption. Generator dust exhaust, boiler soot desulfurization, various purification coatings, printing, steel, household appliances, wire and cable, electrical insulation, paint, leather, footwear, furnace casting, kitchen restaurant fire smoke smoke from all walks of life Gas and other exhaust gases: SO2, NOx, soot, black, benzene toluene and xylene, lead, tin-lead-tin, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, esters, phenols, lipids, total dust and soot emissions.


In the hollow sphere and the Pall ring packing in the absorption tower, the gas water backwash acts on the degassing residue SO2, NOx, soot, black, benzene, toluene and xylene in the adsorber to meet the discharge standard. Bauer is a new Pall ring packing, some of the main drawbacks, the Raschig ring to be improved, there is an eight story, the rectangular window in the ordinary Lacy ring on the wall, is the center ring of a small window leaf, The position and overlap of the windows below the layer. The main difference between it and the Rasig ring packing is that there is a rectangular opening in the wall of the window, the leaves of the window become a ring, and the opening of the ring wall allows the gas and liquid distribution characteristics to be improved compared with the Rasig ring, especially The surface of the inner ring can be fully utilized.


The Pall ring packing has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and flexible operation. At the same pressure drop, the capacity of the ring packing can be more than 50% of that of the West Ring. At the same throughput, the reduced pressure can be reduced by half and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the ring, the packing has the characteristics of large capacity, strong resistance and high operation flexibility. Generally, the same pressure drop is treated with 50%-100% of the same Pall ring packing, and the pressure drop and the West Tower also have a small 50%. -70%, step-down, Pall ring packing can save 20%-40% filler volume than Raschig ring. The Pall ring packing material is available in two polypropylenes and ceramics. Suitable for carbon dioxide degassing towers and ozone contact reactors as contact fillers and other reaction