The structure of Plastic Tower Packing Pall Ring

- Mar 03, 2021-

The shape and structure of the Pall ring can be divided into the inner rib of Yonzi type, called plastic Pall ring (m); the inner rib is in the shape of a cross, called plastic Pall ring (well), the Pall ring is in the Raschig ring One or two layers of windows are opened on the wall, and the upper and lower windows are arranged staggered. One side of the window blade cut by the opening is connected with the ring wall matrix, and the other side is bent into the ring, almost butting at the center of the ring, and the bending directions of the upper and lower layers of blades are opposite. Because the openings communicate the outer surface and space of the inner ring and allow the liquid and gas to be evenly distributed, the resistance, flux and mass transfer efficiency are greatly improved compared to the Raschig ring.