The use of PTFE rods

- Oct 06, 2019-

1. Used as anti-corrosion material

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) rods overcome the non-erosion shortcomings of common plastics, metals, etc., such as steam pipes used to make exhaust pipes, conveying pipes, and conveying aggressive gases. Has become the main anti-corrosion materials in the chemical, petroleum, textile and other industries.

2. Advanced media materials for electronic equipment

Tetrafluoride rods have thermal non-interference and certain flexibility due to their inherent low loss and dielectric constant. Tetrafluorocarbon rods are still a good filler material. It is an ideal wire and cable insulation material. Its porous structure minimizes losses and distortions and is widely used in challenging areas such as telecommunications, defense, computers, and aviation.

3. Used as oil-free lubricating material

The PTFE rod has the lowest friction coefficient, and it is easy to rust the lubricant in the fields of paper, food, textile, etc. It is the most ideal material for mechanical equipment parts without oil lubrication. The PTFE rod solves this difficulty.

4. Used as medical material

The PTFE rod has excellent mechanical function, durability, disorder-free and bio-adaptation, and is widely used in the medical field, and does not cause the body to react, and has no side effects on human physiology. Includes artificial blood vessels and patches for soft tissue regeneration, as well as surgical sutures for blood vessels, heart, general surgery, and orthopedics.

5. Used as a release material

The tetrafluororod has excellent intrinsic minimum surface tension, does not adhere to any substance, and has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and non-toxicity. The PTFE rod is mainly used for the inner liner of the non-stick pan and the microwave oven.