Welding of PTFE board

- Jun 06, 2020-

First of all, objectively speaking, PTFE plate welding is actually no different from ordinary welding, because first of all, this material is one of our plastic products. Although some other materials may be added, but In the end, it still has some plastic properties, so it can be softened by heating, and it can even directly make a conversion of some other properties. Therefore, as a very common material in life, its splicing is still a relatively important work. Because it has some plastic properties, how to splice it into a shape we want is actually in It is not so easy to operate, it will easily melt like other places until it can change its entire shape, which is also very difficult for us to do.

Therefore, when we weld PTFE plates, we must fully respect the existence of these plastic products. If we want to use welding to splice it together, we must first figure out its melting point and whether the tools we operate will affect it. Periphery, because stitching only needs to fit a part of it together, so the best way is not to involve some products in the periphery, so that it can be realized to the greatest extent, and the protection of one of our raw materials can also guarantee The shape is in a more standardized form, which is also convenient for subsequent production and use.