Whether PTFE rods can replace packing and specific types

- May 09, 2019-

Tetrafluorocarbon rod, this is a specific type of bar, and it can be seen in certain industries and fields. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the learning work of this product, so as to realize the correct and reasonable use of the PTFE rod and Good use effect, without causing waste of products and bringing some economic losses to yourself.


1. Do you have to know the price of the product purchased on the PTFE bar?

The purchase of PTFE rods on the Internet means that the PTFE rods are purchased on the industry website. The price of the products must be known, so it is certain that the answer to this question is yes, otherwise the purchase of the product cannot be carried out. . Moreover, you need to understand the two specific aspects of the product real-time quotes and price quotes, in order to determine the product price range, and choose the right product.


2. Can the PTFE rod be used instead of the packing? Is it a tetrafluoro product or a PTFE filled product?

The PTFE rod has the advantages of soft texture and very good resilience, so it can be flexed arbitrarily and can be used in place of the packing and has a good effect. In terms of attributes, it belongs to PTFE products rather than PTFE filled products, and at this point everyone should have a correct understanding and no misconceptions. In addition, in the PTFE product, in addition to the PTFE rod, there are PTFE corrugated tubes, tetrafluoro-pushing tubes and the like.


3. Is it beneficial to add graphite to PTFE? What is the choice of an extruded rod or a molded rod?

Adding graphite to PTFE material can bring some benefits, which can improve the wear resistance, thermal conductivity, self-lubricity and heat deformation of PTFE materials, and can make PTFE products have some high temperature and corrosion. It can be used under the environment, such as PTFE rods, and can also be used instead of the original PTFE rods to improve product performance.


Extrusion rods and molded rods in PTFE rods are determined by the requirements for use, the selection of molded rods for low requirements, and the selection of extruded rods for higher requirements. In addition, the molded rod can have a larger diameter, and the extruded rod is limited in diameter, and the rod cannot be made to have a large diameter.www.yihaoptfe.com