Whether the factors of purchase of PTFE Pall ring should be compared and their structural comparison

- Apr 10, 2019-

1. Is it necessary to compare the factors related to the purchase of PTFE pall ring?

The factors related to the purchase of PTFE Pall ring products are important considerations from a professional point of view, and all need to be considered. Therefore, these factors are the same in importance, and there is no distinction between them. Moreover, from another perspective, there is no point or value in making this comparison, and no such work is required.

2. Is the Teflon Pall ring a PTFE Pall ring?

Teflon Pall ring and PTFE Pall ring, although both are Pall rings, they are all made of PTFE materials, but in a strict sense, these are two kinds of different materials. Erhuan, and it has different uses, so it can not be considered that the PTFE pall ring is a tetrafluoropalate ring, which will cause problems in product selection and use, which in turn affects the correct selection and normal use of the product.

3. Is it convenient and simple to purchase the PTFE pall ring online?

Buying the PTFE pall ring from the Internet, that is, purchasing the PTFE pall ring from the relevant industry website, from the current point of view, it is very simple and convenient to operate, not complicated and difficult. However, you need to understand some basic information about the products and processing manufacturers, so that you can have accurate judgments and comprehensive considerations, so that you can choose the right products among the products of different manufacturers.

4. Is there a difference in structure between the PTFE pall ring and the tetrafluethic ring? What should you pay attention to when using the PTFE pall ring?

The structure comparison between the PTFE pall ring and the tetrafluethic ring can be concluded that there is a clear difference between the two, which is specifically: a small rectangular window on the wall of the Raschig ring, small The window vanes are placed at the center of the ring, and the upper and lower layers are positioned to overlap each other. In addition, the window vanes of the window holes are bent into the center of the ring, so that the distribution performance of gas and liquid can be improved and improved.

During the use of the PTFE Pall ring, it should be noted that it should be inspected and cleaned regularly or frequently to avoid the dirt or scale on the surface of the Pall ring affecting the normal use of the Pall ring. After using for a period of time, check whether the product is damaged or worn. If it affects normal use, it should be replaced in time.www.yihaoptfe.com