Whether the price of PTFE Pall ring products must know and the weight determinants

- May 12, 2019-

The PTFE Pall ring is a Pall ring made of PTFE material, so it is called a PTFE Pall ring. Below, it is familiar and understanding of this kind of Pall ring, so that everyone can learn. Objects and learning content, in turn, can know how to use this kind of Pall ring correctly and reasonably instead of using it incorrectly.


1. When purchasing the PTFE Pall ring on the Internet, is it necessary to know the price of the product?

To purchase the PTFE Pall ring on the Internet, the price of the product must be known, because if you do not know the price of the product, you cannot purchase the product. In addition, in the product information, the content of the product price must be included, which is an essential item and cannot be omitted. In terms of product prices, it is necessary to know the two specific aspects of real-time quotes and price quotes.


2. Is the weight of the Pall ring related to the material? What about the PTFE Bauer ring?

The weight of the Bauer ring is professionally related to the material of the Pall ring. Different materials are of different quality. Therefore, the Pall ring of plastic material and metal material is different. The weight of the PTFE Pall ring is related to the manufacturer and has nothing to do with the material, because it is the same in material, but there are different manufacturers.


3. Does the PTFE Pall ring have advantages over the Teflon ring?

A tetrafluoropalate ring, which is made of PTFE material, and which has some characteristics, is that the surface area of the Pall ring can be fully utilized, and its production capacity is large and the operation flexibility is large, in addition, the abalone is used. The ring can be about 20%-40% of the packing volume with the Laxi link, so it can be said that under certain conditions and conditions, the PTFE Pall ring is better than the Teflon ring, or PTFE. The Pall ring has some advantages over the Teflon ring.


4. Comparison of metal Pall ring packing and tetrafluoropal ring

The metal Pall ring packing is made of metal thin plate and has two rows of window holes with inner tongues on the ring wall, and the total opening area is about 35% of the entire ring wall area. . The PTFE Pall ring, which is also a filler, is structurally identical to the metal Pall ring, but differs in material, is a PTFE material rather than a metal material, and, in turn, is different. Product performance.www.yihaoptfe.com