Which kind of filler and product quality certification is required for the PTFE Pall ring

- May 30, 2019-

The tetrafluoropalate ring, like the tetrafluororazine ring, is a tetrafluorofiller that can be used in the chemical industry. The following is a familiarity and understanding of this kind of PTFE filler, which is the mastery of relevant knowledge, so that it can be well distinguished from the PTFE Laxi ring and realize the rational use of the product.


1. Does the PTFE Bauer ring want to be selected for good quality, and must its manufacturer consider it?

The PTFE Bauer ring wants to be selected for good quality. The point that needs to be done is to select a professional manufacturer of PTFE ballast rings, and it must be strictly implemented to ensure product quality and product performance. And, in turn, to ensure the use of the product. Based on this, it can be known that the answer to this question is that the PTFE Bauer ring wants to be selected for good quality, and its manufacturer must take it into consideration.


2. Is the PTFE Pall ring available in many chemical plant installations?

From the current point of view, the PTFE Bauer ring can be used in many chemical project devices, and it is widely used, and this kind of Pall ring has the same pressure drop, large flux and work efficiency as the ordinary Pall ring. Higher features and advantages. In addition, it uses PTFE materials and is available in different sizes and sizes. The purchaser can select and determine according to the specific use requirements.


3. Is the tetrafluoropal ring an ordinary filler or a chemical filler?

From a professional point of view, the tetrafluoropal ring is a chemical filler, not a common filler. Ordinary filler, which refers to the material filled in the object, and the chemical filler refers to the inert solid material in the adjective filling tower, such as the Raschig ring and the Pall ring. The tetrafluoropal ring is a specific type of the Bauer ring, so Based on this, there will be such a conclusion.


4. Does the manufacturer of the PTFE Bauer ring have to carry out quality certification?

The manufacturer of the PTFE Bauer ring, its products are required to carry out quality certification, in general, it is required to carry out ISO quality certification to ensure that the product has good quality. Moreover, this is also a point that the purchaser needs to know. In the choice of the manufacturer, the manufacturer with the product quality certification should be selected, so that the product with good quality and performance can be selected to ensure the use effect of the product.www.yihaoptfe.com