Which types of PTFE rasching ring are important and their wall thickness is relatively common?

- Apr 22, 2019-

PTFE rasching ring, which is a specific type of Raschig ring, and it can be known that this type of Raschig ring is made of PTFE rasching ring, so it is called PTFE. The following is the familiarity and understanding of the product, that is, the explanation and explanation of relevant knowledge, so that it can be rationally used and fully utilized.

1. Do you have to pay attention to the preparation work before the purchase of PTFE rasching ring?

The PTFE rasching ring needs to be prepared before the product is purchased, and it is necessary to pay attention to this work and take it seriously, because if there is a problem in this work, it will affect the correct purchase of the product. And normal use, so you can't be scornful and sloppy.

2. Is the PTFE rasching ring in the PTFE rasching ring common and commonly used?

The PTFE rasching ring in the PTFE rasching ring is a common and commonly used Raschig ring type from the present point of view. Therefore, the answer to this question is that it is PTFE rasching ring in the PTFE rasching ring. Raschig rings are common and often used. In addition, this type of Raschig ring can be divided into two types, circular and open, and which one is chosen is determined by the use environment and usage requirements.

3. In chemical fillers, is there only a PTFE rasching ring that will be used frequently?

Chemical fillers, from a professional point of view, there are many different types, and the PTFE rasching ring is one of them, and will be used frequently. However, it cannot be said that only the PTFE Raschig ring is often used, and other types of chemical fillers are often used, such as the Pall ring or the tetrafluoropal ring. In addition, from another perspective, this is too absolute, so you can't say that.

4. Can the wall thickness of the ring be smaller when the strength of the Raschig ring is allowed? What about PTFE rasching ring?

The Raschig ring, the wall thickness of the ring can be smaller under the conditions of strength. Also, this is an artificial filler that was used earlier in the industry. The material used at the outset was ceramic or metal, and the height and diameter were consistent. This kind of filler is characterized by simple structure, convenient manufacture and low price. At present, in the specific material of the Laxi ring, in addition to the ceramic and metal materials, PTFE materials can be used, and the PTFE Raschig ring can be obtained. The above conclusion is also applicable to the PTFE rasching ring.