Withstand pressure of PTFE tube

- Apr 23, 2020-

When the PTFE tube receives more pressure than it can support in the axial direction, it will bend like a compressed rod or a cylindrical coil spring, and lose its straight-line shape. This is inevitable. If the internal pressure of the PTFE tube also exceeds a certain pressure value it can support, instability will also occur. Experiments have confirmed that most of the destruction of high-pressure hoses in engineering is due to this reason. Regardless of the elastic seals, axial expansion and contraction compensator, hose, there will be such a situation; the ability of the PTFE tube to withstand the internal pressure generally depends on the chaos. To study the disorder of high-pressure hoses, the Euler pressure bar formula can be used to calculate its critical load; due to processing deviations in the geometric dimensions of the corrugation, material thickness, etc., the axis of the PTFE tube often deviates from the original symmetry axis. That is to say, there is some initial curvature of the axis of the actual high-pressure hose. For the hose, the unevenness of the mesh sleeve weave and the inconsistency of the strength of each department also limit the bearing capacity of the high-pressure hose.