Application Of PTFE Plate

- Nov 30, 2019-

Take advantage of its chemical stability. It is mainly used for gaskets, linings, valves for large valves, diaphragms, various reaction vessels, storage tanks, linings for reaction towers, trays, distribution plates, etc. for large pipelines in the petroleum, chemical and chemical industries. Utilizing its excellent dielectric properties, it is used in thermal power stations, electrolyzers, seal rings, electronic circuits and electronic computer industry printed circuits, composite copper substrate, various cutting-edge and special equipment components.

Using its low friction coefficient, it is used for offshore oil derrick rail veneer, shipyard slide veneer, river dam gate slide veneer, bridge telescopic support slider veneer, various machine tools, boring machine, grinding machine , planer sliding guide rail veneer, etc.

It is used for the sugar industry, the garment industry, the conveyor belt for food and tobacco baking, and the coating layer for various anti-corrosion coatings of the printing and dyeing industry.