Classification Of PTFE Plates

- Oct 26, 2019-

According to ZBG33002-85 classification, PTFE plates can be divided into three categories: SFB-1 is mainly used for electrical insulation, SFB-2 is used for corrosive medium liners, liners and lubricating materials, and SFB-3 is used in corrosive media. Diaphragm and sight glass. According to different molding processes, there are two types of die-casting plates and rotary cutting plates. Molding method is simpler than rotary cutting equipment, and the production cycle is short. However, for large plates, the size of the press die is large, and the production space requires a large space. Therefore, large-area dustproof work is required, and the pre-formed plate is extremely fragile. Handle gently before entering the sintering furnace.

Large-scale molded sheet molding process: raw material inspection → smashing and sieving → metering → molding → semi-finished product inspection → sintering → cooling → finished product inspection → packaging.