Lack Of PTFE

- Oct 15, 2018-

1, PTFE has "cold flow". That is, the plastic deformation (creep) of the material product under the action of long-time continuous load, which brings some restrictions to its application. When PTFE is used as a gasket, the bolt is tightened tightly to seal tightly, resulting in a "cold flow" (creep) and flattening of the washer when it exceeds a specific compressive stress.

These shortcomings can be overcome by adding appropriate fillers and improving the structure of the parts. 

2, PTFE has a prominent non-viscous, limiting its industrial applications.

It is an excellent anti-sticking material, which makes it extremely difficult to bond with the surface of other objects. 

3, the linear expansion coefficient of PTFE is 10~20 times of steel, larger than most plastic, its linear expansion coefficient with temperature changes occur very irregular changes. In the application of PTFE, if the performance of this area is not enough attention, it is easy to cause loss.